ZG Worldwide Consultants_ Roster of Associates

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Refer below for a summary for each consultant in our global network, effective May 20th, 2022.

For a full roster of associates: ZG Associates pamphlet 5-20p

Highlighting our newest associate:

Helping Foreign Companies Expand Into North American Market  GABRIELA CASTRO  USA  CEO and Founder of TRADE IN MOTION   Incorporated in Arizona, Trade in Motion (TIM) is an International Business Consulting Firm that supports foreign companies to expand into the North American market (Mexico, USA, Canada). Our services are based on more than 20 years of experience. Our main approach is to evaluate and validate markets, understanding stages, mindsets and moments of our customers’ markets to develop new and existing products into a clear business model to scale revenues. The sales process requires a clear market understanding with a specific method to bring all the data needed to make profitable decisions. Our services include all the information necessary to reduce uncertainty and increase revenues from the strategies. We communicate in English, Spanish and French.  gabriela@tradeinmotion.us  +1 623 444 0001  www.tradeinmotion.us