ZG Afrika Consultants, a subsidiary of ZG Worldwide, focuses on the needs of Africa and the Middle East. We are committed to Africa's social and economic development. Visit ZGAfrika.com.
A partnership of I. P. Pasricha in New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Ludhiana with ZG Worldwide to meet accounting, financial, mergers & acquisitions and consulting needs. It solves foreign companies' problems in India. Visit www.capasricha.com for details. Also in India we offer top tier software developers, IT experts and engineers serving multiple industries globally.

Broad Range of Specialized Consultants and Services

We offer consultants in almost every industry, worldwide. No matter what your need, there's a ZG Associate who can fulfill that need or help advise you on how to achieve your goals.

Interim CIOs, Marketing Channel Managers, etc.

ZG is a hub of worldwide talent, let us help find you your next executive.

Our Business Brokers and Mergers & Acquisitions Experts Connect Buyers With Sellers of Businesses in the US and Globally

We're connected to a large international database with many potential buyers looking for companies.