Dr. Gold’s PPE Procurement Tips

Posted On 09/14/2020 By admin

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Please see updated blog post on this topic _ CLICK HERE

ZG Worldwide Associate Spotlight: Chief Medical Officer, CARL G GOLD, MD

My name is Carl Gold, MD. I’m a ZG Worldwide partner and Chief Medical Officer for Health Best International, LLC (HBI).

I’m reaching out concerning the increasing COVID burden across the US and around the world. And the rules and regulations that affect all of us when it comes to PPE.

I’m a physician and I’ve been following news about PPE shortages. After speaking with hundreds of my healthcare colleagues, I see an urgent need for PPE in way too many places.

I think we all agree, this is unacceptable!

To my point, Health Best International is based in Miami, FL and sources PPE.

We’ve been providing supplies to the front lines all over the US and some other countries with high quality products at or below standard market pricing.

We have direct-from-the-manufacturer relationships and established logistics channels with major carriers.

You can view our website at: healthbestinternational.com.

And a complete product brochure can be found here: PPE Brochure III _by HBI 08.20

We have a significant inventory of a variety of masks (N95, KN95, surgical, and isolation) in Miami, ready for immediate delivery.

And I can provide most other supplies in 10-14 days or less.

By that I mean gowns (Levels II and III, and level IV coveralls), nitrile and vinyl gloves, face shields, and shoe and hair covers. Where needed, with CDC, FDA, and CE vetting.

All from the highest quality manufacturers like Honeywell, Harley, Ocean, and Omni.

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If we can work out a 30-day lead time or perhaps even a revolving order schedule, I can receive supplies by boat and save 50-70% on shipping costs.

Even if your team is currently well stocked, at least you have my contact information for upcoming needs that I can probably fill faster and cheaper.

I’m certain that no acquisitions department, corporate or local, has too many contacts or vendors for PPE these days.

HBI is on the Florida Approved PPE Provider list as well as those for Illinois, Missouri and other states.

I just filled orders for a nursing home in Missouri for 2,000 each of gowns, masks and face shields. They would be a great reference and I have many others.

You now have my email address: dr.gold@healthbestinternational.com.

Let me know what and how many you’re interested in and I’ll get you a quote within 24 hours. with price, shipping, ETA, and links to product photos and information.

Samples available upon request.


Stay safe,

Carl Gold, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Health Best International, LLC