ZG Worldwide Associate Spotlight: Chief Medical Officer, CARL G GOLD, MD

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ZG Worldwide Chief Medical Officer, CARL G GOLD, MD. USA consultant, researcher, educator, writer, wireless ultrasound medical device expert, complete PPE sourcing, CAM copywriter/marketer.


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Dr. Gold is a board certified Anesthesiologist and also practiced Chronic Pain Management. After 25 years practicing and teaching, he is now a full time consultant and entrepreneur. His expertise extends into healthcare related management consulting, addictions counseling, medical research in detox under general anesthesia, and medical education.

More recently, he helped form and is the Chief Medical Officer for Health Best International, LLC (HBI). His company is the exclusive North American distributor for the SonoStar wireless ultrasound systems.

HBI is also a key player in PPE supply chains. They have exclusive and direct relationships with some of the most famous manufacturers in the world. You can find a product brochure and Dr. Gold’s Tips for Buying PPE here on this website. The link to HBI’s website is provided here.

In addition, Dr. Gold is an established Complementary and Alternative Health copywriter/marketer. Contact him directly or visit his website for more information. For your convenience Dr. Gold prepared an “Information Packet” fully describing his copywriting business model. Links to both are included here.

Available for special projects and consulting requiring MD skills and knowledge. Also providing cutting edge wireless ultrasound technology and a wide variety of PPE supplies at fair prices.
Email: dr.gold@healthbestinternational.com

HBI Website: www.healthbestinternational.com

HBI YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChjb2jxKTTfS1AhHeSQR3qA?view_as=subscriber
Personal Website: www.goldenterprises.org

Personal LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carlggoldmd
Copywriter/Marketer Information Packet For Download:


Whatsapp: +1-217-416-6932