ZG Associate Member Spotlight: Geoffrey P. Michael

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ZG Associate Member Spotlight: Geoffrey P. Michael

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We all conduct dozens of negotiations every day in our personal and professional lives, sometimes without being conscious that they’re taking place. Understanding negotiating principles is invaluable to anyone involved in management, business, finance and procurement, even if negotiating isn’t their primary role in the company. Attendees of my Negotiate Like a Pro presentation will leave with the knowledge of the bedrock negotiating principles and confidence necessary to negotiate effectively for the company and themselves.

Professional Profile

40 years as a business professional on both sides of the negotiating table, as a Buyer for the U. S. Air Force and as a Seller for two major defense contractors. Program manager for highly classified defense programs with annual sales exceeding $100 million. Prepared proposals and negotiated contracts worth over $4 billion with complex cost, schedule and performance incentives. Interacted with highest levels of corporate and government officials in the execution of contract performance.


  • United States Air Force Academy graduate
  • Member of NH, CA, and Supreme Court Bars
  • Certified professional mediator by the NH Office of Mediation and Arbitration
  • Published writer on financial topics in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur and several other publications
  • Earned TRW CFO Award for leading the successful negotiation to recover profit on a terminated contract


I’ve spoken on the topics of program management, business management and negotiation to various groups. In addition, I’ve instructed at workshops on a variety of topics including continuous process improvement, total quality management, cost/schedule control systems criteria and qui tam legal defenses.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Everything is negotiable, no matter how large or small the cost. A top-notch negotiation strategy can save your business huge sums of money. I provide advice and tips for developing negotiating strategies to help you both personally and professionally. My Negotiate Like a Pro presentation covers key principles that apply to virtually any negotiating scenario. I discuss actual negotiations of mine and what I did to maximize results.

The presentation is designed to run 2 to 4 hours for groups of at least 10 people. PowerPoint slides are used as a roadmap, but only 5% of the material appears on the slides. The balance is totally spontaneous and interactive.

Key Elements

  • Offers and Counteroffers
  • Achieving a Win-Win Solution
  • Closing the Deal
  • Preparation
  • Strategy
  • Leverage

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