Partnership between ZG Wordwide & Currency UK

Posted On 04/30/2023 By admin



Introducing ZG Worldwide’s new international money transfer partner, Currency UK.

Established in 2000, Currency UK is a leader in the foreign exchange and international
payments space. With over 10,000 clients including private customers and global
corporations, Currency UK seeks to bring stability to clients looking to exchange currencies
and make payments overseas.
Whether your business is buying or selling products in different currencies, paying staff
globally or using manufacturers overseas, their award-winning team can help your business.
Currency UK is our foreign exchange partner and they can support clients with a range of
risk mitigation services and products giving businesses and management teams certainty
over their international payments whilst protecting budgets and profit margins.
Get in touch with a member of their team to get a review of your fx exposure and preferential rates on your international payments.


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