ZG Worldwide Subsidiary and Partnerships

ZG Afrika Consultants, a subsidiary of ZG Worldwide, focuses on the needs of Africa and the Middle East. We are committed to Africa's social and economic development. ZG Afrika provides a broad range of professional expertise across Afrika and the Middle East. We also supply wood products and tropical agricultural commodities from West Africa globally. Visit ZGAfrika.com for more information.
A partnership of I. P. Pasricha in New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Ludhiana with ZG Worldwide to meet accounting, financial, mergers & acquisitions and consulting needs. It solves foreign companies' problems in India. Visit www.capasricha.com for details. Also in India we offer top tier software developers, IT experts and engineers serving multiple industries globally.
ZG's partner Health Best International (HBI) is the exclusive North American distributor for the handheld, wireless ultrasound technology manufactured by SonoStar Med. Its price point, premium features, portability and image quality make this handheld system completely unique.
Besides cutting-edge imaging technology, HBI provides high quality PPE at pricing that competes with and beats industry giants. They established personal relationships with some of the world's largest PPE manufacturers and are a major contender in the PPE market. HBI supplies the entire spectrum of PPE equipment; including masks, gowns, face shields, nitrile and vinyl gloves and much more. Visit www.healthbestinternational.com for brochures, ordering and customized quotes.
Clinician, educator and HBI's Chief Medical Officer Carl Gold, MD offers several types of medical consulting. Go to the ZG Roster of Associates e-Pamphlet under Healthcare to find out more.