No Groupthink at ZG Worldwide Consultants

Posted On 03/09/2020 By admin

With ZG Worldwide’s 90 consultants being scattered across 15 U.S. states and globally in more than 25 countries on 6 continents, it is difficult to build group cohesiveness. Communication is limited between leadership and associates and between associates. While there are drawbacks to this, it is not entirely negative.


Groupthink often occurs when a group’s members or leadership want to want to build consensus within the group. They may drop many of their own beliefs even if they aren’t pressured to do so just so they fell they fit in.

ZG Worldwide’s associates are all on-demand, independent contractors that provide a single source for solutions in technology, business, healthcare and marketing. This variety of expertise in itself creates some degree of barrier between the specialized language used in their field of learning.

The large consultancies, with well-established human resources departments that provide different types of training, may deliberately try to instill a culture among their employees that includes style of dress, process, political thought, after hours activities, etc.. It’s quite natural that people want to refrain from doing things that their groups usually do so they don’t become outcasts and are kept out of the loop. The best solution for a client developed by one of their consultants may not necessarily be in the best interests of the consultancy.

At ZG Worldwide we are there to solve problems and fulfill the needs of organizations. We offer a truly great diversity of gender, race, religion, language, educational backgrounds and other traits. There is no attempt to mold our associates in any way. Our goal is to provide one-stop shopping for a broad range of knowledge and assure each client receives exceptional service from the expert they choose. You are welcome to interview our consultants to determine if they are the right fit for your project.

Hundreds of companies have used our CIOs, A.I., management consultants, risk strategy, data analytics, software developers, MDs, engineers, coaches, writers, marketing, legal & other skills. Former Fortune 500 company C-suite IT leaders are available on short notice as interim executives.

For more information, contact Lothar Soliwon at or 217.691.0554.

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Lothar is the President/CEO of ZG Worldwide (Business Consultants, Software & Subject Matter Experts). Previously he was Marketing Manager for the Illinois Department of Transportation, where he helped form coalitions of Amtrak communities, an aviation planner, public transportation planner and encyclopedia writer. He holds an MBA from the University of Illinois at Springfield and a Master of Social Sciences (Geography and Urban & Regional Planning) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He wrote Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching.