Global Business Book – Coauthor Opportunities

Posted On 05/20/2019 By admin

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Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching, now available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon, is being translated into Spanish and French. The author Lothar Soliwon wants to get it  published into other major world languages because its business consulting and coaching subject matter has a universal appeal. It is a short book designed to be an overview rather than give an in-depth knowledge of business consulting and coaching.

It was written to aid in the global branding of ZG Worldwide Consultants, which provides a single source for solutions in technology, business, healthcare and marketing in 15 US states and more than 25 countries. Books can be a great a way to increase search engine optimization.

Coauthors in Russian, Mandarin, German, Polish, Hindi, Portuguese, Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Afrikaans and other languages are being sought to translate and adapt the book to their culture. Each coauthor has the rights to modify and add content and provide information about themselves, their business and other companies. Their name, photo and a short biography can appear on the cover. This would be a way to increase the coauthor’s search engine optimization.

The coauthor would develop a cover and work directly with the publisher in getting it formatted and then published as an ebook and paperback, if possible. The coauthor would handle the marketing and publicity for sales of the book and receive all revenues in their account. Then half the revenues would be sent to the original author Lothar Soliwon.

The book took about four years off and on to write. The translation and cultural adaption would likely take several months. The coauthor would have to find and work with a suitable ebook publisher. A major challenge would be marketing and publicizing the book.

Those interested in being a coauthor should contact Lothar Soliwon at