ZG Worldwide Provides IT and other Executives for Part-time, Full-time, Interim, Projects & Long Term Work

Posted On 12/08/2020 By admin

If you have an immediate need for a CIO, CTO, CISO or similar leader, ZG Worldwide’s technology and other executives can start on short notice when you need someone for that role right away for short-term to permanent engagements in the US and globally.


Leadership is the most important part of managing technology. When a technology leader role goes unfilled or you can’t attract or afford the talent you need, the impact is profound.

Our experienced IT executives are available part-time, full-time, interim and longer term. Many of them are former Fortune 500 company C-suite leaders.

Hundreds of businesses have engaged ZG for CIOs, management consultants, risk strategists, data analytics, software developers, AI, MDs, engineers, coaches, HR pros, writers, marketers, ultrasound & PPE experts, lawyers & more. We assist with mergers & acquisitions, help sell companies and offer a large global database of potential buyers.

An Ethiopian heads our ZG Afrika subsidiary, with business, financial, risk strategy, technology, marketing & healthcare consultants across Africa & the Middle East. Visit ZGAfrika.com for capabilities.


Our ZG India partner I.P. Pasricha (capasricha.com) advises foreign companies & outsources accounting, M&A and business consulting. Also in India, through Rishabh Software and Engineering, we offer top-tier software development and engineers for many industries globally.

Half of our associates are in Chicago, Illinois and various downstate cities. Others are in other US states, Germany, China, Chile, Suid-Afrika, Japan, Italy, Chile, Ireland, Russia, UK, France, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Australia & more countries.

Hire our local professionals in faraway places for special projects or to represent you. Besides the difficulties in traveling because of the Covid 19 virus, they’ll save your business money & time, lessen employee travel stress, navigate bureaucracies & get things done.

We are based in Central Illinois Technology Triangle, which has many innovative agtech and other technology companies. Since we are members of the Global Chamber of Commerce we have made many great contacts on six continents. Our associates will furnish you with references on request. ZG Worldwide is a service mark of Zukunft Group Worldwide LLC. Zukunft means future in German and Yiddish.

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ZG’s book Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching and the Spanish language version Asesor de Negocios: Consultor Y Coach give strategies to find the right consulting experts to meet their needs. Business consulting and coaching play an increasingly prominent role in the business world in the US and globally. The book addresses the confusion about what business consultants and coaches actually do and how their services overlap. Since organizations commonly face problems they have been unable to solve internally, they may be thinking about getting outside help. Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching gives companies an overview of how consultant and coaches can improve their business.

Simplify talent searches using the ZG Worldwide Roster of Associates e-Pamphlet, which gives an expertise summary for each consultant in our global network. Contact us at info@ZGWorldwide.com to get a copy.