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Your Resource For A Broad Range of Specialized Business Consultants & Subject Matter Experts

This Roster of Associates e-Pamphlet gives an expertise summary for each consultant in our global network, effective January 19, 2021.

ZG Worldwide – a single source for solutions & interim leaders in technology, business, marketing, software & healthcare – helps you adapt to the New World Order of Business. Use the Roster’s contact information to connect with our associates. They look forward to discussing your problems, aspirations & human capital needs. References are provided by our associates.

ZGWorldwide.com ZGAfrika.com info@ZGWorldwide.com +1 (217) 691 0554 https://www.linkedin.com/company/3607089/admin/

  1. Business & Management Consulting Associates, including our ZG AFRIKA subsidiary & ZG INDIA partnership
  2. Healthcare Associates
    C. Marketing & Communication Associates D. Software & Technology Associates

Our low-risk hiring option offers interim IT leaders and other experts who could transition to full time after proving their performance.

  1. Business & Management Consulting Associates

ZG Worldwide President & CEO LOTHAR ERNST SOLIWON USA, originally from Germany MBA, economic geographer, transportation planning, urban & regional planning. Mergers & Acquisitions assistance nationally and globally. Business broker – connecting buyers with sellers of businesses. Developing the Central Illinois Technology Triangle. Authored Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching (Spanish Edition available). www.zgworldwide.com lothar@zgworldwide.com

Business Transformation REINHARD BOCKSTETTE Germany Change management. Post-merger integration. Former CEO and Vice President of major corporations in the US and Europe. r.w.bockstette@gmx.de

International Trade & Marketing Consulting MI JEONG HIBBITTS, MBA Washington, D.C., USA, from South Korea President of Robert & William LLC, a customized international trade and marketing consultancy helping companies of all sizes in foreign market entry and expansion between US and Asia. Serving global clients in diverse industries that provide products and services with enhanced values to the markets and consumers via scientific and technological excellence. mijeong@robertandwilliam.com +1-443-472-1318

Export Trade Consulting LAWRENCE BRILL Washington, D.C., USA Principal at Export Trade Consultants. They provide advice and counsel to small & medium-sized manufacturers and suppliers on global expansion strategies, such as expert promotion, financing, locating agents and distributors and other aspects of export trade that facilitate sales growth and profits. This includes analysis of trade barriers and how to overcome such barriers, finding qualified local partners and developing international trade show programs. Former U.S. Department of Commerce senior executive. www.exporttradeconsultants.com Brilllaw@aol.com +1-301-498-6045

Chinese Culture, Language & Business Consulting

TODD CORNELL Colorado, USA In China, cultural misunderstanding can kill a business deal in a flash, and you may not know what happened. Cultur668 has your best interests at heart. No more miscommunication and confusion. High-level China business consulting. Chinese business etiquette and business language training and support. Fluent in Mandarin, Todd does not need an interpreter. Interacting with China and Taiwan for over 35 years, including 20 years living, working, and receiving a BA in China, Todd maintains a profound understanding of the Chinese language and culture seldom seen in a Westerner. His skillsets will level-up your communications and business endeavors with China,

puttingyouinthedriver’sseat. www.cultur668.com

Business & Management Consulting MEHER AYESHA

With Axis Consulting, Canada.

registered and operating in China, USA and

Axis performs Business Matching, Technology

Consulting, Education and Training Services and Project Management Consulting. Meher is an international business matching expert who finds the right connections. She helps companies, investors and business service providers increase

their profits and productivity. info@axiswebconsulting.com


Business Best Practice Frameworks, Templates & Tools That Help Companies Find Solutions Internally New York, USA Subscribe
to FlevyPro (https://flevy.com/pro) for consulting frameworks, templates and tools. These frameworks (https://flevy.com/pro/ library/frameworks) cover a broad range of management disciplines–e.g. Strategy & Planning, Lean/OpEx/Process, Digital Transformation, Change Management, Organizational Design, HR/Talent, IT and others. These methodologies are based on the thought leadership of global consulting firms (e.g. McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte) and renowned business academics (e.g. Porter, Kotter, Drucker). Each framework is available in editable PowerPoint format. New presentations are added weekly, based on market trends (e.g. COVID-19) and subscriber requests. Use the ZG Worldwide discount link (https://flevy.com/pro/pricing/ promo=ZGWW) to get a lifetime discount of 25% off individual plans and 40% off annual plans. A core competitive advantage the large global consulting firms have over most companies and boutique consultancies is the global firms can access an internal proprietary database of consulting frameworks and past deliverables. Deploy your own project teams using Flevy’s well- researched and proven methodologies. FlevyPro now provides any company that same—if not greater—access to a library of consulting frameworks. flevy.com

Privacy and Contracts Attorney JAMES CASEY, ESQ., CPP Washington, D.C., USA Global contracting and privacy
attorney with strong expertise in contracts / transactions, privacy (U.S. and EU – GDPR), collaborations, small business development (especially the U.S. SBIR/STTR Programs) and the development of research policy, process, and guidance. He is a European – certified privacy practitioner with a specialization in the European Union – Data Protection Officer (EU – DPO) role.

During his career he successfully concluded deals with private

Mergers & Acquisitions DON KRIER Connecticut, USA Business development at Woodbridge International, a leading national and international M & A firm with 19 offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Providing clients with the knowledge and global reach they demand. Committed to providing sellers with a dynamic global marketplace of buyers in which to find the best possible value for their company. If you’re thinking of selling a company with $5 million to over $100 million in annual revenues, they have many potential buyers. www.woodbridgegrp.com info@zgworldwide.com

Executive Coaching MONIQUE DAIGNEAULT Arizona, USA Founder of MD Consulting. She has a 25-year corporate background and has been a certified executive coach since 2001. She works with senior executives helping them to root out the cause of their pain points and implement solutions that are measurable and sustainable. She has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Ms. Daigneault provides her services on-site and remotely to domestic and international clients across 25 industries and 10 countries. Wrote How to Win & Keep Clients. Monique@executiveinfluence.coach +1-480-734-5043

Manufacturing & Operations MURAT COSKUN Georgia, USA, from Turkey Deep experience and knowledge of manufacturing in construction, defense, renewable energy, components and attachments. Strategic planning. Supply chain, procurement, sales and operations management. Helps

companies, governments, NGOs, and foundations in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Central America, Mexico, Africa, and the Middle East. Licensed to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court & the State of Wisconsin. jcasey@caseyprivacycontracting.com


companies wanting to establish and grow their business in the U.S. and globally. murat.coskun@entmar.com

Performance Improvement JOE RADLOFF Illinois, USA Enriching People and Improving Business. Our proven improvement strategies and tools have been successful in improving business and developing high performance organizations and teams. We access, train, develop, educate and coach your leaders and employees using our High Performance Model that focuses on People, Process, Productivity, and Profitability. Mechanical Engineer with Leadership and Engineering Role for Fortune 500 Companies. www.dimensionalgrowth.com joer@dimensionalgrowth.com

Supplemental On-demand Experts & Related Matching Software YISHI ZUO Massachusetts, USA When ZG Worldwide doesn’t offer the specific knowledge or niche you seek, DeepBench’s search algorithms and innovative crowd sourcing tools are used to identify and match your needs with our thousands of experts across a broad spectrum of knowledge, businesses and industries. DeepBench licenses its software to enable clients to build their own matching network. We are great in finding niche services for clients globally that competitors are

unable to locate. DeepBench.io yishi@deepbench.io

Negotiation Attorney GEOFFREY MICHAEL, J.D. New Hampshire, USA Negotiation training and strategy. Negotiation principles. Group presentations nationwide and internationally. www.geoffreymichael.pro negotiator@geoffreymichael.pro

Innovation in Business Management STEFANO KIRIHETTIGE Indonesia and Italy Business innovation,

personal finance, business management, business development for startups. info@zgworldwide.com

Management Consulting JJ KILLIAN Ireland Logistics, management, development, and human resources consultant. Counter-terrorism and border security. Refugee management and post-conflict management. jjkillian33@gmail.com

Project Management MONIQUE DAIGNEAULT Arizona, USA She has a 25-year corporate background, over 15 years of project management experience and has led project teams managed multimillion-dollar IT and HR training implementations using the PMBOK methodology. She has a master’s degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology. Ms. Daigneault provides her services on-site and remotely to US and international clients who need help executing organizational change initiatives. Wrote How to Win & Keep Clients. Monique@executiveinfluence.coach +1-480-734-5043

International Management Services ERNIE WATTS Illinois, USA TRC Chicago provides solutions to management, marketing, distribution and sales problems worldwide. This is done through corporate performance assessment, revenue generation, international expansion, channel management in international markets, strategy development, structural recommendations & implementation and interim managers. TRC Chicago is well versed in foreign business practices and inter- cultural characteristics. ewatts@thereillycompany.com www.thereillycompany.com

Strategic Planning MARIA JOSE SANCHEZ ARRIETA USA and Chile Stakeholders and multi-sectoral coordination: Project Management, Strategic Communications; Projects, interventions and policies design, planning, monitoring and evaluation; International Development; Public Opinion & Surveys Design; Qualitative and Quantitative Research; Public Relations; Public

Affairs; Public Policies. mjs658@cornell.edu

Philatelist TED SCHLITT Illinois, USA Postage stamp expert in business for decades. Subject matter expert in pre- canceled stamps. info@zgworldwide.com

Crisis Communications Attorney JOHN BANKS-BROOKS, J.D. Illinois, USA Strategic communications, crisis and litigation communications for companies and law firms, association management. info@zgworldwide.ccom

Islamic Banking & Finance USAMA AL-ZA’TARI Amman, Jordan Sustainable development expert, with experience in project management, research and data analysis, and the ability to ideate, structure and author highly analytical studies relating to a wide variety of sectors. These include Islamic finance and banking, food and beverage, impact investing and socially responsible finance. usamaalzatari@gmail.com

Public Safety Consultants DENNIS BOWMAN, Ph.D. President of Public Safety Specialists Group – consulting, training, performance improvement and management services to public safety groups and private security agencies. www.publicsafetyspecialistsgroup.com

Management Consultant ALEXANDER B. Russia Market research. Strategic advisory. Business development. Manufacturing and quality control. Has an MBA from a major US university. info@zgworldwide.com

China Business Expert TYLER CRANDALL China, from USA International business development, Chinese trade, production creation. info@zgworldwide.com

Management Consultant ELISABETH CARRIO France Change management, financial and administrative capacity building, chartered public accountant, psychologist, evaluation

and monitoring of development projects. http://elisabeth-carrio.com http://emergence21.com

Complex Conflict Resolution GRAZVYDAS JASUTIS, Ph.D. Switzerland, from Lithuania Exceptionally dedicated professional trainer with keen interpersonal, communication and organizational skills for the diverse global market; evidenced frequently within often stressful and sometimes dangerous environments from Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Georgia, Ukraine, North Caucasus, Kosovo, Indonesia and Macedonia within the EU and OSCE field missions, EU, NATO and UN HQs in Geneva and Brussels. Pro-active and client-focused trainer with expertise spanning human rights monitoring, SSR and conflict resolution, easily dealing with state and non-state armed actors. Fluency in English, Russian, French, Lithuanian and Serbian, both speaking and writing, is his distinct advantage when providing unbiased, accurate, balanced and professional advice or conducting training. grazvydas.jasutis@gmail.com

Finance SUBHASH GUPTA New York, USA and New Delhi, India Financial Management and audit expert with extensive global operations experience. Global financial planning and analysis, business process re-engineering and cost containment, risk management, internal controls, asset management, global humanitarian programs, negotiations in complex multilateral settings, change agent. gupta.k.subhash@gmail.com

International Management Consultants DONAJI MONTES INTECHNATIONAL LLC California, USA and Mexico Consultancy in Silicon Valley that helps technology companies with international business development, business intelligence, marketing and other projects. Its team has extensive experience helping technology companies explore, validate, enter and expand their business internationally. It provides support for

international projects like conferences and events. Their

ACHEL DAVIES Wisconsin, USA Management consultant, corporate instruction & training, market

research, customer outreach. info@zgworldwide.com

Corporate Social Responsibility SHAIMA ABULHAJ Dubai, from Egypt Media & focus group consultant, corporate social responsibility, human rights, gender equality. info@zgworldwide.com

Middle East Business ALAA HASSAN Illinois, USA, from Egypt Middle East import-export facilitator, business development, agribusiness – milk products, economic advisor. info@zgworldwide.com

Middle East Business DIANA APRIL Missouri, USA, from Tajikistan Translator and marketing and management consultant for Tajik, Uzbek, Iran, Azeri, Turkey. info@zgworldwide.com

Leadership Training & Executive Coaching ELLEN HITE, CBSC Illinois, USA Management consulting, business coaching specializing in NeuroLeadership, communications dynamics, conflict resolution, trusted third party resource and employee engagement development. Ellen works with local and global business leaders who desire leadership training, are in transition or who are making decisions for growth and change. She’s a speaker on business coaching and related human

multilingual and multicultural consultants specialize in assisting tech companies conduct global business in the US. Its consultants have worked on IT, automotive, aerospace, food processing, biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical projects in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Intechnational maintains a wide network of support services, such as CPAs, attorneys, risk management firms, recruiters and translators. info@zgworldwide.com

Project Management R

resources topics. www.insidercoaching.com ellen@insidercoaching.com https://vimeo.com/292260510/ e85832d066

Management Consultant LEONARDO PAUL Philippines Call center management, construction industry sales and marketing management, on-line education. info@zgworldwide.com

International Engagement VIVIAN FELICIO DIXON, Ph.D. Illinois, USA, from Brazil Integrates international activities and initiatives for organizations, professional development training and educator training. info@zgworldwide.com

Industrial Psychologist ARTHUR DELABIE Belgium Institutional development, public sector reform, job structure, training manuals, training needs analysis. info@zgworldwide.com

International Business Development MARCELO ISAAK Virginia, USA, from Bolivia International business development, industrial products, establishing and developing operations, licensees and acquisitions, engineer. marcelo.isaak21@gmail.com

Small Business Consultant STEPHANIE MOORE Illinois, USA Realty, strategic communications, business development, small business training, business plans and strategy, group consensus development. info@zgworldwide.com

Marketing in Asia BRIAN SCHWARZ China, from USA Managing product sourcing, marketing luxury goods in China, trademarks, cross-cultural management & marketing in Asian countries. info@zgworldwide.com

Sales Consultant JAYCO SELAK Indiana, USA, from Croatia Consultant for increasing sales staff effectiveness,

Balkan Peninsula business expert, image building, team building, public relations. info@zgworldwide.com

Professional Development Training MONIQUE DAIGNEAULT Arizona, USA She has a 25-year corporate background in HR that includes instructional design and professional development training experience. She has facilitated many interactive workshops, seminars and classroom training for corporations, government and military entities. She has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Ms. Daugneault provides her services on-site and remotely to US and international clients who are passionate about developing their workforce. Monique@executiveinfluence.coach +1-480-734-5043

Japan Business Expert YOSHI TAKASE Japan Connects buyers with sellers of Japanese products, assists non-Japanese companies to operate in Japan. He has an MBA from a US university. info@zgworldwide.com

ZG AFRIKA Subsidiary (ZGAfrika.com)

ZG Afrika Business Development VP, Management Consultant ZEMEDKUN ABEBE ESHETE Ethiopia & Washington,D.C.,USA VicePresidentofBusinessDevelopment for ZG AFRIKA. Financial and grant management, human resource management, systems design & implementation (for grants, finance, HR, etc.), capacity development support, partnership development & management, operations, accounting, asset management. ZG AFRIKA has associates in a number of African, Middle Eastern and other countries who possess a wide variety of skills in business, technology, healthcare and media. Contact zemedkun@zgworldwide.com for more information.

Risk Management Strategies KOMI KLU, J.D. Delaware, USA, from Ghana As Africa is growing, the continent needs capacity building and technical assistance in Governance Risk and

Compliance (GRC). Many companies doing business in Africa or wanting to locate there lack these skills, making them very vulnerable. EMIGROUP, besides offering risk consulting services, provides the tools to make its clients successful. Komi’s company has a proven record of success in driving operational efficiencies and spearheading efforts to prevent and mitigate reputational, financial and operational risks for large global institutions. Countries of operation: US, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa (Zuid-Afrika), Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia & Uganda. www.eminvestgroup.com komi@eminvestgroup.com

Management Consultant ANDRE MBOULE Cameroon MSc.Eng., MBA, PhDc International consultant, professor and training expert in health and education sectors. Management, evaluation and identification of projects for health systems and education; strategic management; institutional and organizational support; business analysis; evaluation, audit, studies, situation analysis and diagnosis of equipment; support for procurement procedures for equipment and services; training, teaching, research, coaching and mentoring. Implementation and co- ordination of technical development programs with European and African consulting firms and international donor agencies. As an entrepreneur Andre MBOULE was founder and executive director of companies in Cameroon, South Africa and USA. Telephone : +237 699 82 86 71 Email : mboule.andre@gmail.com or mboule.a@mboule-consulting.biz www.mboule-consulting.biz

Management Consultant NONTOKOZO MANYISA-MABUZA South Africa (Suid-Afrika) Chartered HR Professional. MBA, Over 12 years multi-skill experience, including banking, finance,

consulting, coaching, mentoring, human resources management, elections coordination, office administration and management, research, operations management and business management. nontom@luthandonto.co.za

Aerospace Consultant MOSES KOYABE Arizona, USA, from Kenya and France Moses is a technology, commercial and defense aerospace, oil exploration and automotive business executive. Multicultural and multi-lingual consensus builder, proven expertise and success forging many successful business relationships and alliances for technology companies dealing with global markets. mkoyabe@cox.net

Funding Strategist LOUISE KINYANJUI Kenya Funding strategies for development organizations in the education, financial inclusion, health, agriculture and rural development and livelihoods sectors; proposal writing including budgets, log frames, monitoring frameworks and theories of change; stakeholders engagement and partnership building; project design and project management; market research; marketing communications; learning and knowledge management. imkinyanjui@gmail.com

Financial Management GUY BERTRAND KAMTE POUENE Cameroon Financial Consulting Expert for French-speaking Africa and other French language areas. Consultant international depuis 16 ans dans le domaine de l’audit institutionnel et organisationnel, de la gestion financière, comptable et contractuelle des organisations, institutions publiques et projets de développement (UE-ONUDI-PPAMNQ). Expertise avérée au Cameroun et en Guinée Conakry en matière de réforme des finances publiques et Méthode d’évaluation des systèmes de gestion des finances publiques, politique budgétaire et comptabilité publique des états de l’Afrique francophone, en système d’information des institutions, procédures contractuelles, financières, d’élaboration et de mise en œuvre des projets de développement. Diagnostic stratégique global (Diagnostic financier et organisationnel) et Mise à Niveau des

entreprises. Renforcement des capacités institutionnelles, Animation d’ateliers et séminaires de formation. Bonne connaissance des PROCEDURES des bailleurs de fonds (BM, BAD, UE KFW).
Expert financier pour l’Assistance Technique au Programme de Décentralisation Villes-Moyennes-FEICOM Cameroun (Cabinet GOPA – I&D) financement KfW depuis 2016. Chef de mission intérimaire permanent de l’AT dans le projet PDFVM-Cameroun.

Connaissance des Directives UEMOA et CEMAC en matière de finances publiques. Gouvernance locale et Finances publiques locales avec la modernisation de la chaîne budgétaire comptable des collectivités.
Gestion technique, administrative et financière des projets de coopération au développement et organisation en environnement informatisé et outils de gestion intégrés (TOM2PRO, TOMARCHE, TOMMONITORING SAGE, GESCOM, SCD etc).
Disponibilité immédiate pour mission courtes durées E-mail : kamte@yahoo.fr ; Tél : (237) 699 661 84

Banking Consultants NUMBONGHO TAKU Cameroon Financial consulting, financial intermediation, developmental finance in developing countries, banking consultant. info@zgworldwide.com

Public Accounting Law FELIX K. TANO, Ph.D. Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) West Africa Expert consultant, researcher and professor in public finance, local finance, taxation, informal sector taxation and public accounting law. tanof@yahoo.com

Logistics MARK OLWENY-OMALLA Uganda Logistics management, transportation management & planning, fleet management, training/instruction. Chartered member of Institute of Logistics and Transport in U.K. Previously with United Nations Secretariat in Department of Peace Keeping Operations. markolweny_omalla@yahoo.com

ZG INDIA ZG Worldwide’s partnership with I.P. Pasricha & Company Chartered Accountants and Consultants (www.capasricha.com)

Chartered Accountants – I.P. Pasricha & Company MANEET SINGH New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Ludhiana, India Certified chartered accountants, taxation (both direct and indirect taxes), financial services, mergers & acquisitions, auditing & assurance, manpower management, outsourcing and business consulting. We help businesses wanting to do business in India establish themselves there. Leadership Team: CA Inderpal Singh, CA Sandeep Handa, CA Rishi Gupta & CA N.D. Sachdeva. Management Team: CA Maneet Pal Singh and CA Deepak Suneja. Engagement Team: CA Rakesh, CS Shilpi Suri, CA Aditi Agarwal, CA Himanshu Mittal, CS Rimpy Ghosh.

I.P. Pasricha & Co. (IPC), established in 1978, has more than 40 years of satisfied clients, We are a leading Indian chartered accountant (CPA) firm with comprehensive professional services serving distinguished clients in various industries. Our form is a trust-based organization that leverages research and knowledge to deliver premium services, high value and a unique employer proposition. We partner entrepreneurs in their critical decision making by providing various solutions customized for their requirements in cost effective means. Our team has over 50 experts dedicated to providing services, with a support staff of 10. Our team, with both long-term employees and recent graduates, has intellectual strength that is continually growing. We are dedicated and committed to quality. We know the landscape, know your market and understand your industry.

Service Offerings: Audit & Assurance, Taxation, Regulatory & Outsourcing Services, Business Advisory, Statutory Audit Planning, Advisory Secretarial Services, Entry Strategy, Tax Audit, International Taxation, Financial Accounting, Regulatory

Approvals, IND-AS/IFRS Transfer Pricing Compliance Diagnostics Process Consulting, Internal Audit, Indirect Taxation, Manpower & Payroll, SOP Advisory, Risk Audit, Goods & Services Tax Process, Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation & Due Diligence, Internal Control Over Financial Reporting (ICFR), Representation Management Audit capasricha.com

  1. Healthcare Associates

MD – Medical Consultant & Entrepreneur CARL GOLD, M.D. Illinois, USA Consultant, medical researcher, writer, chief health officer, ultrasound medical device expert. ZG Worldwide’s Chief Medical Officer. Anesthesiologist and Pain Management. Healthcare related management consulting, counseling, instructor and handheld ultrasound medical device expert. PPE supply chains. Available for special projects requiring MD skills and knowledge. dr.gold@healthbestinternational.com

MD – Disease Prevention CRAIG BACKS, M.D. Illinois, USA Innovative and optimal assessment and management of arterial disease and Type 2 Diabetes/prediabetes. Delivered without repetitive visits, using locally available resources for data that can be used for action and measurement with fewer face to face meetings or interventional assessments. Leveraging the benefits of telemedicine and precision personalized medicine. Avoid business disruption costs of sudden death, disability and illness. Improve health of organizations and communities by helping leaders be healthy and productive. www.thecenterforprevention.com

MD – Health Systems MIROSLAW MANICKI, M.D. Poland International Health Systems Strengthening, Health Financing and Insurance (Single Payer) Consultant. Trained as a physician(MD, MPH) healthcare executive, expert in managing large healthcare organizations and driving healthcare reforms at

the highest operational and political levels while delivering consensus from influential stakeholders. Focused on health system strengthening, health financing and health insurance (single payer) design and management. Comprehensive knowledge of health systems in Europe, USA and Asia. Experienced in achieving permanent cooperation with international partners. miroslawmanicki@gmail.com

MD – Public Health JUAN PABLO AYALA, M.D. Florida, USA, from Colombia Primary care and pediatrics physician (Colombia), public health, medical tourism, preventive medicine. info@zgworldwide.com

Life Coaching to Reverse Obesity MONIQUE DAIGNEAULT Arizona, USA She has a 25-year background in healthcare that includes coaching and personal fitness training experience. She has worked with hundreds of clients in face to face and virtual sessions conducting coaching and personal training. Ms. Daigneault has successfully educated her clients to lose weight and maintain healthy lifestyles. Ms. Daigneault provides her services to clients who commit to permanent lifestyle changes. She wrote How to Win & Keep Clients. Monique@executiveinfluence.coach +1-480-734-5043

Corporate Wellness DAVID GREENWALT Illinois, USA Coaching and on-line corporate wellness/fitness programs used by companies and government organizations. Founder of Leanness Lifestyle University. www.lluniversity.com

Imaging Devices & Quality PPE QUINN PLACE, CPA
Illinois and Florida, USA, from China Advanced technology, low-cost handheld wireless ultrasounds for multiple medical and veterinary uses. Healthcare distribution channels, medical device development and investment, develops international presence for US & Chinese firms. Distributor of a wide variety of competitively

priced, quality PPE. www.healthbestinternational.com

Public Health Management NATALIA CONESTA, Ph.D. Italy Public health management in health systems. International development and humanitarian response in many countries. Relationship building, leveraging human capital, innovation, change management, capacity building and compliance monitoring natalia_conesta@hotmail.com

Delinquent Healthcare Account Collection PAUL RYMER Missouri, USA Providing collection of delinquent healthcare accounts in 26 states. Our agents are trained to understand why patients are delinquent and to develop personalized solutions. We conduct appropriate research, correspond with your patients, develop a payment plan that fits their needs and brings accounts current, and preserve patient/doctor relationship. www.nationalcollections.net prymer@nationalcollections.net

Benefits Consulting DAN MONICAL Illinois, USA Self- funded health insurance plans for small businesses, companies, cities, and non-profit organizations that offer major cost savings. info@zgworldwide.com

Behavioral Gerontologist MARANDA TRAHAN, Ph.D. Illinois, USA Behavioral expert for dementia, assessments of challenging behaviors, training for dementia caregivers, behavior management strategies. info@zgworldwide.com

Lifestyle Improvement NANCY DURBIN Illinois, USA Nurse – assists with overcoming obesity, executive stress, and damaging behaviors, changing lifestyle habits. A fine art professional who helps organizations purchase appropriate art. info@zgworldwide.com

Medical Supply Donations GEORGIA WINSON Illinois, USA Mission Outreach: non-profit organization that repairs, packages, and distributes donated medical supplies and

equipment to hospitals and clinics worldwide. www.mission- outreach.org

Corporate Wellness/Stress Management MONIQUE DAIGNEAULT Arizona, USA Founder of MD Consulting She has a 25-year background in healthcare that includes corporate wellness and stress management programs. She has assisted companies in developing and implementing worksite wellness programs, choosing fitness equipment and setting up on-site and remote personal training programs as well as wellness education. Ms. Daigneault has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and 7 certifications. She provides her services to corporate clients who embrace wellness for their employees. Monique@executiveinfluence.coach +1-480-734-5043

  1. Marketing & Communication Associates

Public Relations & Marketing Consultants JOSHUA KAUFFMAN Illinois, USA KraftComm Consulting Group (KCG) is a full-service public relations, marketing and change management company specializing in advisory services, executive counsel, branding, issues management, digital storytelling, political campaigns, speech writing, social media strategy and managed services. KCG’s dedicated, expert staff provide solutions to your projects or long-term needs, saving companies thousands of dollars and costs associated with hiring full-time employees with benefits and 401K plans. KCG is accessible to your decision makers in person, via SKYPE/Zoom/ WebEx or text/email message. With decades of experience across all major industries, our consultants strive to make every interaction with clients memorable, valuable and actionable. Founded on principles of being enlightening and ethical, clients can expect to receive exceptional, affordable services to win market share and approval from executive boards and

employees, and to significantly grow their level of influence in targeting regions. KCG delivers the right message, at the right time, to the right audience — every time. www.kraftcomm.org

Accurate Translations JILL BISHOP Illinois, USA Our group helps your organization engage in multilingual markets and expand global reach through professional translation, transcription and interpretation services in over 75 languages. We are small enough to provide high-touch service and large enough to handle any audience. jill@mlconnections.com

Mobile Apps, Digital & Freehand Art ANDY AIYER Custom application, software development, business intelligence, website development, Enterprise architecture, SEO, fully digital creative art and graphics development (100% money-back satisfaction), Asp. Net programming & IT services, currently serving clients worldwide. andyaiyer@gmail.com

Marketing Management Consultant ERNIE WATTS Illinois, USA International Management Services. TRC Chicago provides solutions to management, marketing, operations, distribution and sales problems worldwide through corporate performance assessment, revenue generation, international expansion, channel management in international markets, structural recommendations & implementation and interim managers. Assist clients with their global expansion. Strategic, visionary leader known for developing cohesive, high performance teams competing successfully in complex environments worldwide. Extensive experience working with product distribution businesses operating through multiple sales channels and with service organizations that advise clients on operational strategy and business development. Target organizations include those committed to building or establishing an international presence that are known for an ethical, results driven, risk/reward culture. TRC Chicago is well versed in foreign business practices

and inter-cultural characteristics. ewatts@thereillycompany.com www.thereillycompany.com

Videography BROC HUNTER Illinois, USA Liberated Productions brings your brand to life. We make video content for brands and agencies, startups and established corporations, non- profits and local businesses. We can rock simple projects, while going all out on grand video visions. We work with budgets big and small. Springfield, IL is our stomping grounds but we do work across the U.S. and for global clients. See our video: https:// drive.google.com/file/d/19zlwtLpM2Lsc0oYpnyau_HOYdt8q8BqY/view?usp=sharing www.liberatedproductions.com

Aviation Writer JOB CONGER Illinois, USA Aviation historian, business aircraft purchase analysis, public affairs writing, photographer, aviation speaker, aeronautical museum manager. info@zgworldwide.com

Association Management Consultant DANA L. SAAL, CMP, CAE Illinois, USA Consultant specializing in improving the outcomes of underperforming meetings and the performance of stagnant boards of directors. dana@saalmeetings.com www.saalmeetings.com

Media Relations ERNIE SLOTTAG Illinois, USA Media relations, public relations, communications management. info@zgworldwide.com

Multimedia Expert DIANA SOLIWON Illinois, USA Photography, web design, video, editing, writing, wholesale flower and plant distribution, FAA-certified drone pilot, camera store management, accounting, business improvement.

Marketing Services GARY CHATHAM Illinois, USA International and national marketing, branding, marketing

strategies, targeted advertising campaigns, web design, video production, experiential marketing.
www.chathammarketing.com garyc@chathammarketing.com

Corporate Signage DENNIS BRINGUET Illinois, USA Nationwide corporate signage programs, special signs, state-of- the-art high-tech signage. www.acesignco.com

Television Program Director SCOTT TROEHLER Illinois, USA Expert television program director, producer, videographer, editor and writer, marketing, public relations. info@zgworldwide.com

Communications SUSANNE KENNEDY Australia Corporate communications, photography, technical writing, copywriting, and development of web copy and resources across sectors including in situ developing countries. Widely published in magazines and journals, including Spanish. susannek@usa.net

Communications MANS NYBERG Finland External relations and communications expert with extensive international experience working for global organizations. Journalist. Strategic communications, spokesperson, media relations, public information campaigns, donor relations and fundraising, project coordination and program management, government liaison, relations with the UN and NGOs, communication with communities, training, media development, and video production. mans.nyberg@gmail.com

American Revolution Writer ROBERT RUPPERT Illinois, USA American Revolution historian and writer for government agencies, museums, history organizations and businesses. info@zgworldwide.com

Multilingual Communications YANA FLEMING Washington,

D.C., USA and Kenya Experience across multiple sectors of the communications industry. Specialist who leverages in-depth knowledge of trends to execute effective multilingual integrated communications campaigns. Craft unique strategies and capacity building for commercial and non-governmental organizations in emerging markets. Worked throughout developing world, in emerging markets, and in work environments where French, Spanish, English or Portuguese are the daily business language. yanafleming@me.com

Communications DENENE CRABBS Washington, D.C., USA Principal/Producer-Director Cinergy Group LLC Communications & Consulting. Empowering healthier living, leadership and business growth through marketing, publicity, event planning/promotion, strategic partnerships,TV-film-video- radio, digital media promotions, holistic health and wellness programs, educational workshops, retreats, group training and individual consultations. Financial literacy. youtube.com/cinergyllc denenecrabbs@cox.net

Drone Pilot & Graphic Design ANDREW BARTLETT Illinois, USA FAA-certified drone pilot, videography, social media, photography, graphic design. www.ootboxmedia.com

Global Brand Building RON ROSSI Massachusetts, USA Global brand building, digital content marketing, entering new global markets, ad agency management consulting. Also, a Fine Art Consultant with art galleries, museums and foundations. info@zgworldwide.com

  1. Software & Technology Associates

Software & Engineering RISHABH Software Pvt. LTD is a customer-centric organization that offers services in Software

Development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) globally. We are a CMMI level-three, ISO9001 and ISO27001 company with offices in Silicon Valley – California, USA, UK and India with an offshore delivery center in Vadodara, India. The Software Division focuses on Product Engineering, Enterprise Mobility, Digitalization, Serverless Computing, Data Analytics and Quality Services verticals. Since 1999 the division has delivered many successful projects to companies across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and more.

Established in 2006, Rishabh Engineering provides multidisciplinary engineering support services to EPC companies in industries like Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Water Treatment and more. The division has a collective project execution experience of 1.2 million man hours. Established in 2004, Rishabh BPO offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to mid-sized companies globally. It cuts across Workforce Management, Finance & Accounting and many more relevant workstreams. www.rishahbsoft.com Contact: Anand.Shukla@rishabhsoft.com Mubeen.M@rishabhsoft.com

A.I. and Data Scientists, Analysts & Architects MICHAEL YURUSHKIN, Ph.D. Russia Computer Vision: models for image classification. Natural Language Processing: development of ChatBots, Text Classification, Semantic search and analysis, sentiment analysis, etc. Time Series Forecasting Models: time series prediction modes for prediction of energy consumption and automated trading platforms. Generation of synthetic data sets. BroutonLab.com m.yurushkin@broutonlab.com

Software & Engineering FERNANDO POLO Colombia SII Colombia provides near shoring of quality digital services and engineering with US time zone convenience along with great savings. As a global partner meeting the digital transformation

needs of our clients, our teams have developed reliable, innovative and long-term relationships with many companies in many industries. Our 130 consultants offer a wide range of programming languages, including JAVA/J2EE, SQL, PHP, Python, COBOL, .NET, REACT and Angular. We also work on IT Governance and Business Analytics projects. sii-group.co fernando.polo@sii-group.co

International IT Business Development DONAJI MONTES INTECHNATIONAL LLC Silicon Valley – California, USA and Mexico Consultancy in Silicon Valley that helps technology companies with international business development, business intelligence, marketing and other projects. Its team has extensive experience helping technology companies explore, validate, enter and expand their business internationally. It provides support for international projects like conferences and events. The multilingual and multicultural consultants specialize in assisting tech companies conduct global business in the US. Its consultants have worked on IT, automotive, aerospace, food processing, biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical projects in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Intechnational maintains a wide network of support services, such as CPAs, attorneys, risk management firms, recruiters and translators. info@zgworldwide.com

Computer Forensics JOSHUA MONTGOMERY, ACE, CCE, CMO, CBE, OSFCE Primarily Central Illinois and Southeast Florida, USA Digital Investigative Services Specializing in computer forensics, data extraction and forensic imaging. Expert testimony and case writing. https://digitalinvs.com jmontgomery@digitalinves.com

Software Development JAMES BRIDGEWATER, Ph.D. Illinois, USA Experienced in a wide range of software development, including scientific applications and enterprise e-commerce.

Business analytics. Developed software in a computational neuroscience group at the Baylor College of Medicine. Software development on an open source (Numenta’s NuPIC). While doing Ph.D. (electrical engineering) developed software to coordinate the behavior of laboratory instruments required to measure the efficiency of solar cells. Worked in semiconductor business and wrote software to help facilitate design of integrated circuits (computer chips). james@linktwentytwo.com

Edtech, Futurist KIM WILLIAM GORDON, Ph.D. Missouri, USA Expert in adaptive learning technology at Telementoris, the fifth wave of education. Assessing impact of emerging technologies on businesses, strategies to help adapt to the future, advisory workshops, publications. info@zgworldwide.com

Software Development ANDY AIYER Custom application software development, business intelligence, website development, Enterprise architecture, SEO, fully digital creative art and graphics development (100% money-back satisfaction), Asp .Net programming & IT services, currently serving clients worldwide. andyaiyer@gmail.com

Geographic Information Systems PAUL TESSAR Colorado, USA Enterprise data management, Geographic Information System manager, GeoDatabase Development. info@zgworldwide.com

Cybersecurity GARY CHATHAM Illinois, USA Intelligent data security. Website security, protection from data breach and ransomware, secure data backup, encrypted email and messaging systems. Security audits. www.intelisec.com garyc@intelisec.com

Music Technology JOHN CURTTRIGHT Illinois, USA Music reproduction optimization, musical instrument retailing,

antique guitar and other instrument renovation. info@zgworldwide.com

Technology Innovation AUSTIN DUFFIE Illinois, USA SAP expert, software developer, computer systems and technology business innovation. info@zgworldwide.com

Microsoft Technical Support Engineering PAULO LEOCADIO Florida, USA, from Brazil Solution architectural design, cloud architect, etc. for large IT projects.

years of experience working for Microsoft Consulting Services and Microsoft Support Engineering Services, Paulo built Zinnia Holdings to partner with organizations, consulting companies and government financiers to design, build, manage and deliver projects on Cloud Technologies, Big Data, Smart Cities, Operations optimization, among others. Recent success cases are Istanbul Municipality Government Smart City project, working as head solution architect, and IT services processes optimization for Spectrum Brands, Inc., working as head of IT operations.

Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Bringing 20+

ph@zinnia.holdings www.zinnia.holdings

Health Technology Management ANDRE MBOULE Cameroon MSc.Eng., MBA, PhDc Expertise in health technology policy, clinical engineering, medical equipment needs assessment, cost estimation, elaboration of technical specifications, procurement of medical devices, hospital maintenance and training of maintenance staff in ministries of health and international health programs in facilities in 30+ African countries. He was member of the WHO and other medical advisory groups. As an expert and technical assistant in medical devices and health technology management he helped develop national strategic and action plans across Africa. Telephone : +237 699 82 86 71 Email : mboule.andre@gmail.com or mboule.a@mboule-consulting.biz www.mboule-consulting.biz

Solar Energy JAMIE BURRIS Illinois, USA Solar energy systems for factories, offices, farms, stores, government buildings and homes. info@zgworldwide.com

Management Information Systems PRANAV AGRAWAL Illinois, USA, from India SAP Consultant for Tier-1 organizations Infosys, IBM and recently with leading German automative parts manufacturer Hella. Developer, technical analyst to lead teams and development manager. himparkh@gmail.com

Technology Management MOSES KOYABE Arizona, USA,

from Kenya and France Moses is a technology, commercial and defense aerospace, oil exploration and automotive business executive. Multicultural and multi-lingual consensus builder, proven expertise and success forging many successful business relationships and alliances for technology companies dealing with global markets. mkoyabe@cox.net

Supplemental On-demand Experts & Related Matching Software YISHI ZUO Massachusetts, USA When ZG Worldwide doesn’t offer the specific knowledge or niche you seek, DeepBench’s search algorithms and innovative crowd sourcing tools are used to identify and match your needs with our thousands of experts across a broad spectrum of knowledge, businesses and industries. DeepBench licenses its software to enable clients to build their own matching network. We are great in finding niche services for clients globally that competitors are

unable to locate. DeepBench.io yishi@deepbench.io

Medical Imaging QUINN PLACE, CPA Florida and Illinois, USA, from China Their advanced technology handheld wireless ultrasound devices have low purchase costs and are patient friendly and easy to operate. They provide quality images via built-in Wifi hotspot to any type of a screen, have multiple medical uses and work well in veterinary medicine. Some say they are

the stethoscope of the 21st century. PPE expert. www.healthbestinternational.com

Interim CIOs, CTOs, CISOs & IT Executives TOM MURRAY Illinois,USA Tombringsawealthofknowledgeandhands-on involvement in e-business, compliance, start-up, strategic and IT turnaround situations for large and small organizations as a member of Fortium Partners. Tom specializes in project rescue, where he leads business critical projects and IT business alignment during demanding transitions like mergers, ERP implementations, performance improvement, data center relocations and systems upgrades. CIO, AI, IoT, AR and VR expertise as it applies to manufacturing, distribution and service industries. Interim managers are available nationally and in other countries through the 80+ Fortium Partners, many of whom were C-suite IT executives with Fortune 500 companies.

A second interim executive provides expertise in the life sciences and high tech industries. He’s a technology and business consultant with 25+ years of experience leading organizations in the development of system and process innovations. He works from both the business and technology perspectives to make technology decisions that pay big dividends, such as reducing inventory levels by over 75% and improving time-to-market by 40%. His capabilities include assessing the business needs of complex organizations, developing system and process improvements and implementing seamless technology transformations. He is also an exceptionally effective team leader adept at hiring qualified staff, developing their skills and careers, and achieving long-term retention.

A third works in agile scaling frameworks and adapting organizational alignment to successfully transform any firm to an agile enterprise. His experience is well rounded, ranging from technology product development to information security, mergers

and acquisitions. He is especially adept at creating technology products for technology companies, such as software development tools, CAD software, and backup and disaster recovery software. Many CIOs and CTOs don’t have his deep technical knowledge, extending from software engineering to complete technology assessments and enterprise turnarounds. He has a proven track record of successfully assessing technology infrastructure and team dynamics, implementing effective solutions to operational challenges, driving down costs and increasing revenues.

Another interim expert serves the healthcare, insurance and professional services industries. He provides strategic counsel and implementation advice on technology strategy, enterprise architecture and digital transformation and had a proven ability to align technology resources with business goals while setting a platform for growth and sustainability. His clients benefit from his capabilities in data management, security, quality and analytics. As a senior executive he led investment in emerging technologies and infrastructure to support enterprise success. He developed and delivered strategies focused on customer engagement, product transformation, employee empowerment and operational optimization – all areas where he now provides expert counsel. Additionally, he has implemented cloud computing strategies and digital solutions involving machine learning, gamification and artificial intelligence. With deep knowledge of enterprise architecture and software engineering, he has leadership experience on complex projects to design and launch new technology platforms. His attention to budget management and ROI helps clients who are considering or navigating a cost reduction program. www.fortiumpartners.com tom.murray@fortiumpartners.com

Managed IT Services KEINN DRAPER Illinois, USA Manager of Strategic Partnerships at STL, an IT Managed

Services Provider. Unique to central Illinois, STL’s state-of-the-art Data Center is housed in a FEMA-rated underground bunker (tours available) and meets Tier 3 standards, offering solutions such as Private CLOUD, Hosted Email, Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 services.

STL’s Cybersecurity services proactively keep business-critical data safe with early detection and response in our Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC leverages a combination of network perimeter defense, endpoint security, vulnerability detection, extensive log analytics and customizable reporting. As a trusted Fortinet®D Gold Partner, STL uses the Fortiguard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) Automated Breach Defense System. The IOC continuously monitors clients’ networks for hidden vulnerabilities, persistent attacks & advanced threats. Advanced features, such as Mobile Access, Instant Feedback & a Real-Time Threat Map, provide customers with 24-hour accessibility to the real-time status of their network. STL provides coverage from stringent compliance & audit requirements of the following: SOC2, Type2 HITRUST CSF*, HIPAA, PCI DSS & SSAE-16 reporting. www.poweredbystl.com kdraper@poweredbystl.com

Additional Resources Are Available by Country and for Special Needs

We’re supplemented by a large network of contacts for country- specific or other requests we can’t fulfill internally.

Let us represent your interests globally. Member – Global Chamber of Commerce. ZG Worldwide Consultants, based in the Central Illinois Technology Triangle, is a service mark of Zukunft Group Worldwide LLC.