ZG Worldwide Associate Spotlight: Tom Murray of Fortium Partners

Posted On 03/02/2021 By admin

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Interim CIOs, CTOs, CISOs & IT Executives      TOM MURRAY   Illinois, USA  Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on involvement in e-business, compliance, start-up, strategic and IT turnaround situations for large and small organizations as a member of Fortium Partners. Tom specializes in project rescue, where he leads business critical projects and IT business alignment during demanding transitions like mergers, ERP implementations, performance improvement, data center relocations and systems upgrades. CIO, AI, IoT, AR and VR expertise as it applies to manufacturing, distribution and service industries. Interim managers are available nationally and in other countries through the 80+ Fortium Partners, many of whom were C-suite IT executives with Fortune 500 companies.

A second interim executive provides expertise in the life sciences and high tech industries. He’s a technology and business consultant with 25+ years of experience leading organizations in the development of system and process innovations. He works from both the business and technology perspectives to make technology decisions that pay big dividends, such as reducing inventory levels by over 75% and improving time-to-market by 40%. His capabilities include assessing the business needs of complex organizations, developing system and process improvements and implementing seamless technology transformations. He is also an exceptionally effective team leader adept at hiring qualified staff, developing their skills and careers, and achieving long-term retention.

A third works in agile scaling frameworks and adapting organizational alignment to successfully transform any firm to an agile enterprise. His experience is well rounded, ranging from technology product development to information security, mergers and acquisitions. He is especially adept at creating technology products for technology companies, such as software development tools, CAD software, and backup and disaster recovery software. Many CIOs and CTOs don’t have his deep technical knowledge, extending from software engineering to complete technology assessments and enterprise turnarounds. He has a proven track record of successfully assessing technology infrastructure and team dynamics, implementing effective solutions to operational challenges, driving down costs and increasing revenues.

Another interim expert serves the healthcare, insurance and professional services industries. He provides strategic counsel and implementation advice on technology strategy, enterprise architecture and digital transformation and had a proven ability to align technology resources with business goals while setting a platform for growth and sustainability. His clients benefit from his capabilities in data management, security, quality and analytics. As a senior executive he led investment in emerging technologies and infrastructure to support enterprise success. He developed and delivered strategies focused on customer engagement, product transformation, employee empowerment and operational optimization – all areas where he now provides expert counsel. Additionally, he has implemented cloud computing strategies and digital solutions involving machine learning, gamification and artificial intelligence. With deep knowledge of enterprise architecture and software engineering, he has leadership experience on complex projects to design and launch new technology platforms. His attention to budget management and ROI helps clients who are considering or navigating a cost reduction program.
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