ZG AFRIKA Consultants – a Single Source for Solutions in Technology, Business, Healthcare and Marketing

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ZG Afrika Consultants includes many local African and Middle Eastern nationals, plus Africa experts in Europe and the US. Our partners EMIGROUP (eminvestgroup.com) based in the US and Ghana, providing risk management & financial consulting, operate in 30 African countries.

ZG Afrika welcomes small to large consulting projects. Our many local experts know the local cultures, navigate the bureaucracies, conduct research, do special projects and serve as exploratory emissaries. They can be instrumental for the success of new business ventures. 

Business & Management Consultants

ZE Ethiopia & US Financial analysis & management, asset management

KK Ghana & US JD Risk management strategies, financial consulting in 30 African countries

MOO Uganda Logistics management and surface transport management

FT Ghana & Cote d’Voire PhD lawyer, public finance expert, researcher & professor

JK Ireland-Africa experience Logistics, management, development & counter-terrorism

UA Jordan Sustainable development, Islamic finance & banking, impact investing

EC France-Africa experience Change management, finance, chartered public accountant

SG US & India-UN Africa experience, Global financial management and audit expert

AH US & Egypt Middle East & North Africa import-export, agribusiness, economic advisor

GP Cameroon Financial accounting expert for French-speaking African countries

AD France-Africa experience Industrial psychology, public sector reform, development

NT Cameroon Bank management, financial consulting, developmental finance

SA Egypt & Dubai Corporate social responsibility, media, focus groups

DA US & Tajikistan Marketing & management for Tajik Uzbek, Azeri & Iran region

NM South Africa (Zuid-Afrika) Business management & development, HR, logistics

GJ Switzerland-Africa experience PhD Conflict resolution, human rights monitoring, training

Healthcare Consultants

AM Cameroon Biomedical & healthcare project management, strategic planning

NC Italy-Africa experience PhD Public health management in health systems, development

Communications Consultants

YF Kenya & Thailand Multilingual communications campaigns, capacity building

MN Finland-Africa experience Communications expert for global organizations

Technology Consultants

AA Global & Africa experience Business intelligence, software development, digital art

AM Cameroon Biomedical technology management, business analyst

MC US & Turkey Establish technical manufacturing, renewable energy, defense

MK US & Kenya Commercial and defense aerospace, multicultural consensus builder



ZG Afrika is a subsidiary of ZG Worldwide Consultants (Zukunft Group Worldwide LLC) and a Global Chamber Member.

For more information contact Zemedkun Abebe Eshete, Vice President of Business Development – ZG Afrika Consultants, at zemedkun@zgworldwide.com, US Phone: +1 540 624 3888 or  Ethiopia Phone: 251911226191