Transparency In A Freelancing Platform – Are The People Doing the Work Identified?

Posted On 08/09/2018 By admin

A great choice of freelancing platforms featuring graphic designers, MBAs, engineers, software developers, marketers, writers, coaches and various other skills are in business to meet the needs of companies, individuals, government agencies and other organizations. Some of these platforms serve limited geographic areas while others are global. Common to most of them is their limited transparency as to who is actually doing this work and their basic expertise. 

Unlike these other platforms, ZG Worldwide Consultants is very open about providing names and skills of its associates in its Roster of Associates to make it easy for clients when they start their search for talent. The Roster of Associates is available on request at Most of the associates have even provided contact information so clients can discuss their projects directly with the service provider, thereby streamlining the process of engaging a consultant(s). 

ZG Worldwide’s associates are entrusted with negotiating pricing, developing a scope of services with the client and using their own contract. To keep the process simple they even receive payment for services completed direct from the client and then pay a minimal 5% of gross revenues less any special expenses to ZG Worldwide for being the marketer, facilitator and connector. This minimalist approach benefits both the client and service provider, making the focus on the solving problems rather than dealing with administrators. 

ZG Worldwide is essentially a hybrid traditional consulting company / freelancing platform. About half of its 90 associates are located in the Central Illinois Technology Triangle and the Chicago region. They know each other or are friends of friends. 

What also makes ZG Worldwide unique is the broad range of management consulting and specialized business services its consultants provide. Its service categories include a unique array of intellectual capital in business and management consulting, healthcare, marketing and communications and software and technology in 15 U.S. states and 25 countries. Also, it offers global mergers & acquisitions experts and business brokers.

The ZG Worldwide Roster of Associates highlights the expertise & summaries of the global network of consultants, you can access the roster here: Roster of Associates