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What is it?

TAKLANE is a technology solutions development company. It is the gathering of experienced experts whose priority is to adapt digital technologies to real life problems. Its objective is to be a significant leader in cybersecurity, creating best practices inthe world of digital technology solutions. TAKLANE’s experts serve clients in the various areas of technology related to the safety of information.

The problem

Today, many people use the internet toplace orders or to subscribe to web sites. This has created a huge problem of fraud and scamming. For example in the US, counterfeiting concerns 100 billion dollars with at least 435 thousand jobs lost

Remove Doubts!

TAKLANE is designed for Internet users who express doubts about the authenticity of websites (phishing).

TAKLANE is proactive with its Whitelist (as opposed to the Blacklists).

TAKLANE provides Internet users a free tool forcertification of the web sites of its marketingchannels.

TAKLANE does not request any personal data from Internet users.

The solution is the Taklane process

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 For more information, contact: Moses Koyabe at mkoyabe@cox.net