Spotlight on Associate – Export Trade Consultant Lawrence Brill

Posted On 11/15/2020 By admin

Export Trade Consulting   LAWRENCE BRILL, Washington, D.C., USA. Principal at Export Trade Consultants, LLC. They provide advice and counsel to small & medium-sized manufacturers and suppliers on global expansion strategies, including export promotion, financing, locating agents and distributors and other aspects of export trade that facilitate sales growth and profits. This includes analysis of trade barriers and how to overcome such barriers, finding qualified local partners and developing international trade show and sales/marketing programs.

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Former U.S. Department of Commerce export promotion executive with global marketing and sales experience. While a Commerce, Mr. Brill and his staff of experienced trade professionals, assisted many small & medium sized manufacturers in exporting their products, and facilitated millions of dollars in U.S. exports.

Mr. Brill also serves as Deputy Director of the Baltimore-Washington chapter of the Global Chamber™, a worldwide association of global trade executives that promotes cross border trade through networking and education.

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