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Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching, written by Lothar Soliwon, is now available in Spanish in the US and other countries as Asesor de Negocios: Consultor y Coach. It gives companies an overview of how consultants and coaches can improve their businesses and how to hire the right experts.

This book clarifies what business coaches and consultants do, how their services overlap and how they differ. Both consultants and coaches play increasingly prominent roles in the business world globally.

Since organizations commonly face problems they have been unable to solve internally, they often realize they need outside help. Many examples and descriptions of business consultants and coaches who provide services are placed throughout the book. It is available as a paperback and an ebook.

Asesor de Negocios: Consultor y Coach is published independently by Amazon.


Availability in the USA

ISBN 9781092564496

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Availability in Mexico

ISBN 9781092564496

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Availability in Spain

ISBN 9781092564496

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Availability in Brazil

ISBN 9781092564496

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Lothar Soliwon is the President and CEO of ZG Worldwide Consultants, headquartered in Springfield, Illinois USA. ZG Worldwide provides a single source for solutions in technology, business, healthcare and marketing.

Coeditor Christian Aguirre is a business consultant and entrepreneur in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. Coeditor Donaji Montes is President of Intecnational, global business and technology consultants in San Jose, California USA.

Contact: Lothar Soliwon

+1 217 691 0554

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