Press Release: ZG Worldwide Now Offers Only Handheld Ultrasound On Market With Probe For Podiatrists

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ZG Worldwide Now Offers Only Handheld Ultrasound On Market With Probe For Podiatrists


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ZG Worldwide (Business Consultants – Software – Subject Matter Experts) provides one-stop shopping for solutions in business, technology, healthcare and marketing locally and remotely. Based in Springfield, in the Central Illinois Technology Triangle, ZG Worldwide was founded after identifying a void in diverse, global business consulting in Illinois outside of Chicago. ZG Worldwide gives business development and other assistance to Health Best International located in Miami, Florida, including improving its low-cost handheld ultrasound system.
Chief Medical Officer Carl Gold, M.D. worked with the manufacturer of Health Best International’s ultrasound device to develop a new dual head linear probe for foot and ankle doctors. Each end is designed for superficial imaging, especially useful for podiatrists. One end scans at 7.5 and 10 MHz. The other scans at 10 and 14 MHz.


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It’s easier to disinfect than older model ultrasound devices with wires. Despite its small size and wireless technology, it is a fully functioning ultrasound system that essentially replaces the much more expensive and bulkier cart and has advantages over stethoscopes.
In addition, Health Best International has been named the exclusive ultrasound provider by and PRESENT podiatry education programs. Dr. Chris Bromley, well known for his efforts in clinical ultrasound, says “I can’t imagine working without it (ultrasound). We were all trained using x-ray and it’s just not as helpful in podiatry as ultrasound.”
Special two-week and 30 day trial offers are available to healthcare organizations that want to procure the handheld ultrasound devices for hospitals, clinics and research.

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For more information on this ultrasound device, click here for our latest blog post. 

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