News Alert: MORE tech services from ZG Worldwide!

Posted On 03/28/2019 By admin

ZG Worldwide Adds More Technology Services

In today’s business environment, companies want less full-time staff and more on-demand experts. ZG Worldwide provides a single source for solutions in Technology, Business, Marketing, Communications and Healthcare.

With the recent addition of Managed IT Services, small to medium-sized businesses can now enjoy the benefits of a professional and scalable expert IT staff to meet specific operational needs without hiring vendors or creating an internal IT department.

Our Cybersecurity emphasis is on early detection and response rather than building barricades that no longer stop hackers. We combine a strong security posture with a formal incident response plan.

For Technology Leadership our short to long-term CIOs, CTOs and CISOs, many of whom are former Fortune 500 C-suite executives, are available on short notice.

Among Technology Consulting offerings are Expert-level Analysis, Design, Development, Futurist, Business Analytics and Solution Architectural Design.

Software Development includes Business Software, Government Software, Healthcare and Scientific Software, Mobile Apps, E-commerce websites and CRM Development.

To get a free assessment, and to connect with our expertise, contact us today or 217.691.0554.