Announcing ZG Worldwide Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Carl Gold MD

Posted On 01/15/2020 By admin


Dr. Carl Gold MD is now the ZG Worldwide Chief Medical Officer.


ZG Worldwide (Business Consultants – Subject Matter Experts – Software) provides one-stop shopping for a broad range of specialized services in various industries. Based in Springfield, ZG Worldwide was founded after identifying a void in diverse, global business consulting in Illinois outside of Chicago.

Healthcare is a major component of Springfield’s economy and ZG Worldwide’s overall business. Dr. Gold is an expert in low-cost handheld ultrasound devices, which have been replacing stethoscopes for many medical and veterinary applications. Some say the handheld ultrasound is the stethoscope of the 21st Century. Dr. Gold has been involved in training and demonstrating the various uses of the Sonostar handheld ultrasound distributed by Health Best International located in Miami. ZG Worldwide gives business development and other assistance to Health Best International.

Special two-week and 30-day trial offers are available to healthcare organizations that are interested procuring the handheld ultrasound devices for hospitals, clinics and research.

Dr. Gold is also a medical writer who assists the medical industry when they have needs requiring the knowledge of an M.D. and helps with ZG Worldwide’s other healthcare endeavors. These include corporate wellness, international health systems strengthening, software, lifestyle improvement and public health management in health systems. As a consultant he’s available for special medical projects.

About half of ZG Worldwide’s 90 associates are in the Central Illinois Technology Triangle and Chicago area, with the rest in other states and over 25 countries. They provide a single source for solutions in technology, business, healthcare and marketing plus outsourcing services globally. Call 217.691.0554 if you want to participate in our handheld ultrasound trial or seek consulting services.
ZG Worldwide Consultants is a service mark of Zukunft Group Worldwide LLC.